Following discussion with Croquet NSW, AC Bronze Medallists, Eire Cup Captains and other affected parties, ACA Events has decided to:

  • postpone the Gold+Silver Medals until later in 2022, at a time when all 6 players can play (Events will follow this up – if not possible, the 2022 Gold+Silver Medal event will be cancelled, like the GC Gold+Silver Medals for the last 2 years.  Bronze Medals would be awarded to all six players, for winning their State event);
  • proceed with the AC Men’s & Women’s Singles on 12-15 March, on the basis that individuals can make their own decisions about coming; and
  • proceed with a “covid-reduced” Eire Cup (4 teams) on 16-18 March, on the basis that it will not be feasible to re-schedule this later in 2022.
  • this means that the ACA AGM will now be held on Sat 19 March

Note that additional covid-19 restrictions could still force the cancellation of the Singles and/or the Eire Cup.

If you have any further queries please contact Events Chair, Peter Freer or Executive Officer, Rob Murray.