The ACA is pleased to announce there will be additional training available for players that are seeking to improve their game and approach to achieve individual goals.

It has been recognised that there is a gap in training availability to players that have not quite reached Australian Team / Squad consideration as yet, and would like to explore and receive training and direction to achieve goals towards being a stronger State player, National player competing in International events.

The training program is open to all players through an EOI process and will require a two year commitment.

The training squad will be for 16 players each year, with 8 players entering the system each year and the players in their second year dropping out. To start this process the 8 most senior players in 2020 will only receive 1 year entry into the squad but are able to apply in subsequent years.

This process of having the squad developing new players each year will assist to the collaboration and peer training methods required for swapping information and helping other players work through the requirements of development.

There is cost towards the training squad of $100 per year, per player and travel to training will be subsidised by the ACA by 50%. However, if any player would like to participate but the cost factor is a prohibitive, please contact Rob Murray

What does each player get from this training experience?

The training is a dedicated approach to achieving the highest possible results each player is setting themselves. The training will be conducted twice a year for full weekends at various venues in Australia. Communication will be a large factor towards the training with an email approach with the HPM that will consist of working through your goals, event preparation and post event debriefing at a level each individual player requires.

The training has a squad aspect that will help in swapping ideas and experience while pushing each to reach a goal. It will be a good introduction to requirements when selected for State or National squads. This will assist in developing a greater depth of nationally strong players that will help Australian Croquet remain competitive on the World Stage.

Each training weekend will have in attendance to assist, a current or past MacRobertson team player and the current AC HPM.

Lawn sills and tactics covered will be of an advanced nature that cover all aspects of improved break play. Better knowledge and ability to set leaves for the correct requirements of the game.

Peeling turns and requirements in detail.

Open tactics and expanded knowledge of openings.

2 V 1 and 1 V 1 tactics.

Off court information regarding the requirements of “the mental side” of the game will also be covered in detail and available to the players in a group and an individual approach.

Further questions and information can be asked from:

Peter Landrebe AC HPM

Proposed firs dates will be posted ASAP.

EOI’s can be sent to either:

Peter Landrebe AC

Rob Murray ACA


Peter Landrebe