Refereeing Golf Croquet (GC)

To qualify as an ACA accredited Golf Croquet Referee candidates are required to complete an Assessment consisting of

  • Completion of the ASC Introductory Level Officiating General Principles Course
  • Completion of Steps 2, 3 and 4 of the ACA GCR Accreditation.

A National Golf Croquet Referee Training Program is being developed by the Golf Croquet Technical Panel but in the interim each State has its own training programs and courses and information can be obtained from your State Director of Refereeing.

The Golf Croquet Refereeing Manual - April 2015 is a good source of information for Golf Croquet Referees, Golf Croquet Trainee Referees (for whom it is prescribed reading) and Golf Croquet players.

Pages of the Manual may be amended periodically as the rules are revised, policies amended and when new technical information becomes available. Updates will be listed on the ACA website.


National Co-ordinator of Refereeing Jim Clement 03.5156 8149
Queensland Director of Refereeing Wayne Strong
New South Wales Director of Refereeing Bev Smith 02.4933 6164
Victoria Co-ordinator of Refereeing John van der Touw 03.9803 3433
Tasmania Director of Refereeing Graeme Denehey 03.6225 2381
South Australia Co-ordinator of Refereeing Vacant
Western Australia Director of Refereeing John Doepel 0427 364 107

Golf Croquet Rules

- The Rules of Golf Croquet November 2013, Adopted ACA 1 January, 2014.

WCF Official Rulings

- Official Rulings on the 2013 edition of the Rules of Golf Croquet – 2016
Note - The Rulings from 2015 are incorporated in the document and the 2016 Rulings are underlined.

- Official Rulings on the 2013 edition of the Rules of Golf Croquet. Effective February, 2015