The Constitution
    Constitution Apr 2020
    By Laws Apr 2021      
The Board
    Standing Orders Mar 2021    
    Election Policy Dec 2016
    Board Charter Oct 2020
    Board Conflict of Interest Policy Oct 2020
    Board Member Induction Policy Feb 2020
    Board Director Position Description V1.1 Jan 2022
    Chairperson’s Position Description Nov 2020
    Secretary’s Position Description Nov 2020
    Treasurer’s Position Description Sep 2020
    Finance Committee ToR  Jun 2021
    Budget Sub-Committee ToR  v1.1 Dec 2021
    Public Officer’s ToR  Feb 2021
    Appointed Officers, Committees & Working Groups Policy  v1.1 Dec 2021
    Archivist ToR Aug 2020
    Banking & Finance Policy Feb 2019
    Complaints Officer’s ToR Oct 2020
    Epidemic/Pandemic Policy Jun 2020
    New Club Grant Policy Mar 2021
    Privacy Policy Aug 2021
    Procurement Policy Feb 2021
    Publicity Committee ToR Jul 2020
    Rescheduling/Cancellation of Events Policy v1.0 Dec 2021
    Risk Management Policy Jun 2020
    Reimbursement Policy Dec 2019
    Social Media Policy Nov 2018
    Use of Chemicals Policy V1.1 Jun2021
    Adverse Playing Conditions Policy June 2021
    Australian National Anti-Doping Policy 1 Jan 2021
    The Australian Croquet Association Inc. anti-doping  
    policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy,  
    effective from 1 January 2021, found here and on the  
    Sport Integrity Australia website. All members, 
    participants and non-participants in the sports of 
    Croquet and Gateball are bound by these rules.
    Anti-Doping Education Plan V1 - Jan 22
    Child Safety Policy Sep 2020
    Member Protection Policy Jun 2020
    Scholarship Policy
    Sunsmart Policy May 2018
    Trans & Gender Diverse Guidelines Jun 2019
The Game
    Events Committee ToR Aug 2020
    Player Development Pathways Working Group ToR Jun 2021
    Selection Policy V7 Jan 2022
    Selection Committees ToR Jun 2020
    Tournament Committees ToR Sep 2020
    Tournament Regulations Jul 2021
    High Performance Managers ToR Sep 2020
    Coaching Coordinator ToR Jul 2020
    Assistant Coaching Coordinator ToR Jul 2020
    Coaching Committee ToR V1.1 Jan 2022
    Members of WCF Laws/Rules Committees ToR Oct 2020
    Referee Coordinators ToR Jul 2020
    Referee Committees ToR Jul 2020
    GC Rules Working Group ToR Sep 2020
    Handicapper ToR Feb 2021
    Handicapping Regulations AC Oct 2021
    Handicapping Regulations GC  Oct 2021
    U21 Committee ToR Feb 2021
    U21 Coordinator ToR Feb 2021
    Gateball Coordinator ToR Feb 2021
    Ricochet Coordinator ToR Feb 2021