1 – 3 APRIL 2022

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Enter the name of team members below. You must enter from 5 to 8 players. Australian players must be members of the ACA. All Australian teams from CNSW, QLD, VIC ans SA should include a qualified referee or a referee in training.

Anyone interested in representing Australia in 2022/3 WGU, AGU or APGU events should indicate their interest. Final selections will be made when Australia is asked to nominate teams. The Captains of the 3 best performing clubs will be members of the GA Selection Committee and with Representatives from other States, select from nominating players to build a team in a clubs name. The committee is obliged to produce the strongest teams possible to represent Australia. Check ACA Selection Policy for details.

Event Information

Australian Gateball Championships
I have read and accepted the conditions for the Australian Gateball Championships
Team managers should have emergency contact and relevant health information for their team members in case of a problem. All players must be registered with their State Association and the ACA. The Manager/Captain who completes the form needs to ensure that all conditions in this document and the accompanying Event Information are met.
On the Friday morning a doubles events will be held. Club Teams may nominate one pair for the event. If more than one pair wish to nominate, the club submitting the entry should hold a play off to determine which pair will be nominated. A composite pair can be entered which may include a member the team and a player from another team entered in the competition. This can only be done with the agreement of the nominating team. The club of the other player may still enter a pair in its own right provided it is also entering a team. Doubles pairs from WA or Tasmania are exempt from these requirements and each of these States/Countries may enter a doubles team even if they do not enter a team event. All doubles pairs, except from WA , TAS or NZ, must contain a qualified referee or have an agreement with a referee, not playing in the doubles, who is prepared to officiate on their behalf.
Wildcard Entries for the Gateball Australia Open Doubles Championship – Clubs may also propose up to 2 additional pairs as wildcard entries for the Australian Open Doubles Championship. In the situation that additional pairs will help produce a more efficient draw for the doubles. Wildcard pairs may be included. Any Wildcard doubles pairs not included in the Australian Open Doubles Championship will have some friendly doubles games organised. Wildcard entries for the main event will be allocated according to performance of the pair in events recorded on Gateball Scores in doubles events since the beginning of 2019. There is no additional charge for the wildcard entries.
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