Gateball is a mallet sport similar to croquet.  It is a fast-paced, non-contact, highly-strategic team game, which can be played by anyone regardless of age or gender.  Although relatively new in Australia, it is played by millions of people throughout Asia and South America. Find out more about Gateball here.


A Level 1 Foundation Coach course is in place. The qualification requires endorsement in at least one discipline, Gateball has been included alongside more traditional mallet sports.

The level 1 course has two important prerequisites. Firstly, potential coaches must undertake the CCGP (Community Coach General Principles) course which is available free on the Australian Sports Commission website. The second requirement for Gateball coaches is to complete the basic skills card. This can be can be downloaded here

Once you have completed the skills card and the online course, contact your State coordinator or email

Basic skills cards are designed to be a useful tool for both player and coach. They are “owned” by the player but can be used as a goal or motivation for player improvement at the basic levels. In addition, they will be closely linked to coach training.

Ideas for Level 2 and 3 have been drafted and are available from these links:
Level 2
Level 3

Handy information pamphlets prepared by Keith McLeod are also available for download:

Aussie Gateball 
Practice Routines 
Sparking Tips 
Strategies and Tactics 

A really useful app to allow players to consider strategy is available on the Gateball. Asia website

National Coaching DirectorGreg Bury0437 302 221
Queensland Director of CoachingLynda Davis0416 013 390
New South Wales Director of CoachingPam Gentle0423 411 289
Victorian Coordinator of CoachingRuth Duffy0418 415 368
Tasmania Director of CoachingSue Beattie03.6229 5702
South Australia Co-ordinator of Coaching
Western Australia Director of CoachingSandra Stevenson


Becoming a referee and maintaining accreditation

Gateball Referees can attain accreditation to three levels:

InternationalAccredited by the World Gateball Union – allows the referee to exam candidates for Level 1 accreditation.
Level 1Senior level – allows the referee to exam candidates for Level 2 accreditation
Level 2Basic accreditation

Gateball Referees can attain accreditation to three levels:

A summary of the steps to become a referee or being accredited at a higher level are available here.

These steps are all part of Gateball Australia’s procedure for referee accreditation and reaccreditation and are available for download. Please note that this document is being included in the ACA’s processes for referee accreditation and reaccreditation. In turn, this process is compliant with requirements of the Australian Sports Commission

Gateball Referee Reaccreditation Cards are also available here. Existing referees need to complete these every year to maintain their currency. Print the documents back to back. When they have been completed, they should be passed to state coordinators of refereeing.

Side 1 of Reaccreditation Card

Side 2 of Reaccreditation Card

Click here for notes on what to do to complete your annual Reaccreditation Card

Gateball referees are also asked to acknowledge their acceptance of the ACA Officials’ Code of Behaviour. The source of this document is the ACA member protection policy and is available from the ACA website as attachment B4.


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