Croquet Australia’s Insurance Program is with Regional Insurance Brokers and have provided the following information –

Regional Insurance Brokers is proud to be in partnership with the Australian Croquet Association as its official corporate insurance broker.

Regional has been working in close partnership with the sports and leisure industry in Australia for many years. This experience has enabled Regional to develop an insurance and risk protection program that specifically meets the needs of the Australian Croquet Association. We are able to identify and address the association’s risk exposures and in conjunction with various insurers, provide a comprehensive insurance program that is specifically targeted to the sport of croquet.

We recognise the importance of working alongside our clients to develop an insurance solution that addresses your physical, legal and financial risks.

The Australian Croquet Association currently has cover in place for the following risks:
• Public and Products Liability
• Professional Indemnity
• Management Liability
• Corporate Travel
• Personal Accident* *Please note that the level of cover under this program is not “comprehensive” and as such we recommend that all participants take out private health, life and income protection insurance according to their own individual needs and circumstances. It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate cover for his/her specific needs.

Other covers are available on an individual club basis:
• Damage to buildings, contents and stock
• Theft
• Malicious damage to playing fields
• Machinery Breakdown
• Glass
• Electronic Equipment

If you would like further information regarding any insurance matters or a quotation, please contact Regional Insurance Brokers on (07) 3847 0400 or email [email protected]

Please refer to the policy schedule and insurer policy wordings for full details regarding the specific terms, conditions and exclusions of each policy.

Please contact Regional on 1300 500 441 if you require further information or to request a copy of the policy schedule and/or policy wordings.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you against losses that you become legally liable to pay as compensation in respect of personal injury and/or property damage that occurs as a result of your club’s business. Club business includes activities associated with the administration, promotion, organisation and provision of croquet. This includes the ownership or occupation of your premises, and fundraising events.

Professional Indemnity

This policy will cover you against losses arising out of a claim against you arising out of a breach of professional duty including negligent acts and advice in the conduct of the club business.

Management Liability

Management liability insurance provides cover against the exposures and unintentional wrongdoings that your club may face. This includes discrimination, harassment, inefficient administration, libel and slander, and employee theft.

This policy provides cover to the elected officers and incorporated sporting clubs for losses arising from claims against the officer/sporting club for wrongful acts that have been committed in the conduct of club business. The policy includes the following coverage sections:
• Directors and Officers Liability
• Employment Practices Liability
• Internet Liability
• Statutory Liability
• Fidelity

Personal Accident

This policy provides coverage for members that are injured whilst participating in official club matches, and whilst travelling to or from official club activities. The policy generally provides cover in three key areas:
• Capital Benefits
• Non-Medicare Medical Benefits
• Loss of Income


Are volunteers covered? The personal accident policy includes cover for volunteers at the club carrying out general maintenance duties such as gardening.

Does our liability policy cover club activities such as sausage sizzle fundraisers at third party sites? Yes. The policy automatically provides cover for basic fundraising activities.

Are we insured if our club hires out our facilities to third parties? If your club hires out its facilities to third parties for activities other than your own, then there is a requirement for you to ensure that those who use your facilities have their own liability insurance. This can easily be confirmed by requesting that the third party supplies you with a certificate of currency for their liability insurance as proof of cover.

Is there a requirement to wear footwear whilst playing? Whilst there is no insurance requirement for footwear to be worn during matches, we recommend that you implement and follow an effective risk management policy. Some clubs have policies and procedures in place that require you to have footwear on at all times and we recommend your abide by their policies.

Is there a weather policy that we must comply with? We recommend that you follow your local state or territory governing policy.


Risk Management
Risk Management assists you identity, prioritise and address risks that will affect the future of your club and its members. Each and every club must ensure that they have implemented a suitable program which provides a systematic approach to managing risk. The program should address physical, legal and financial risk, particularly in areas such as safety of both people and property, and compliance. The development of an effective risk management program is an on-going process, and must be continually monitored and reviewed to ensure that it meets your clubs individual needs. Effective risk management ultimately means quality assurance for all of your players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.

How do I make a claim? Please ensure claims are reported to us promptly. Your insurer will require a claim form to be completed, and these can be obtained by contacting Regional on (07) 3847 0400 or downloading direct from our website.

Certificates of Currency Individual certificates for each club are posted to your state’s head office at the beginning of each policy period. Please ensure that you have notified your head office of any changes to interested parties.

Alternatively, please contact Regional on (07) 3847 0400 or email to request a copy.

How do I find out more?
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