The ACA is pleased to announce that the Australian squad has started the campaign to retain the MacRobertson Shield in November 2021.

The squad members are:

Claire Bassett

Ian Dumergue

Greg Fletcher

Malcolm Fletcher

Robert Fletcher

Stephen Forster

Callum Hyland

Dwayne McCormick

Jim Nicholls

Edward Wilson

Peter Landrebe AC HPM

The first training weekend was held at the Belmont Croquet Club on the 18th/19th January 2020.


Subsequent training weekends will be held throughout 2020 for the full squad.

The team will be announced in April/May 2021 and the training will continue for the team and reserves until the start of the event in November 2020.

We wish the squad all of the best in their preparation to compete for this highly regarded World Team Title and the squad are looking forward to the challenge of training to play at their peak and to represent Australian proudly at the home venue of Cairnlea, Victoria November 2021.

A team support social media page will be set up shortly and will be announced for supporters to follow and contribute towards the teams successful ambitions.


Peter Landrebe