Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – May 27th

Get your friends, colleagues, or community together. Enjoy some great food and company and help raise funds for Cancer Council. 

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Mother’s Day Celebration – May 9th

Celebrate the day and play some croquet this Sunday May 9th.

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World Croquet Day is Coming May 1st!

It’s World Croquet Day on Saturday, May 1st! Croquet is a game for all ages and everyone is welcome.

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We look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

World Croquet Day is Coming May 1st!


  • by Rob
  • April 6, 2021

Entries are now open for the 2021 ACA Golf Croquet Open. The Open will be hosted by the Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea from the 8th to the 16th May 2021.

Please submit your entry online by Thursday, 29th of April. For more information on the Event please click on the links below.

GC Open Doubles

GC Open Singles

Call for Expressions of Interest – National Coordinator of Gateball Referees

The Australian Croquet Association, trading as Gateball Australia, calls for Expressions of Interest from members interested in being appointed as the National Coordinator of Referees – Gateball (NCRGb).

Duties and responsibilities of the position are detailed in the Terms of Reference for National Coordinators of Referees, available from the ACA website at

Further information can be obtained from the National Coordinator of Gateball, John Park on 0448 227 467

Expressions of Interest should be sent to the undersigned by 31st May 2021.

Jim Clement, Secretary to the Board

2021 Annual General Meeting

Croquet Australia’s 72nd AGM was held today, 29th March 2021, via technology due to Covid restrictions at the time that the meeting was required to be convened.  The meeting was also livestreamed to enable access by all non-voting members.

The meeting elected the new Board, with four of the seven members stepping down; of these, two had completed their maximum allowable six years continuous service on the Board and were not eligible for renomination.  The meeting expressed its gratitude to retiring members, Megan Fardon, Chair, and Don Close, Treasurer.

There was also an additional vacancy caused by the recent resignation of another director.

There were six nominations for the vacancies, including those of Jim Nicholls, Deputy Chair, and Jacky McDonald who renominated after competing their current terms.  Nominations were also received from Barbara Northcott,  Alison Sharpe, Kerri-Ann Organ and Bernie (Beraniece) Pfitzner.

The new Board consists of Jim Nicholls, Barbara Northcott, Alison Sharpe, Kerri-Ann Organ, Bernie Pfitzner and those members who did not face re-election this year: Mary Marsland and Max Kewish.

The meeting also resolved to accept a CNSW motion that Croquet Australia develop and adopt a policy binding on its members regarding the application of chemicals to courts.

The Board will meet on 31st March 2021, to appoint its Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary & Treasurer and to determine its meeting schedule for the forthcoming year.

WCF Refereeing Regulations v1.5 Released

The WCF has announced (9th March 2021) that v1.5 of the Refereeing Regulations has been approved by the WCF AC Laws Committee, the WCF GC Rules Committee and by WCF Members.

A new version was required following the recent approval of the 7th Edition of the Laws of Association Croquet. The opportunity has also been taken to improve the internal organisation and to clarify some aspects of GC refereeing.

A Changes Log is provided at the end of the document. 

Note that Croquet Australia no longer produces its own regulations but conforms to the WCF Refereeing Regulations.

Introduction of AC Laws, 7th Edition

The WCF Council approved the 7th Edition of the Association Croquet Laws on 24th February 2021.  It has been decided that the new Laws will apply in Australia from 1st July 2021.

Law books in A5 and A6 format are at the printers.  A new version of the Official Rulings on the Laws of Association Croquet (ORLAC) is near finalisation.  ACA intends to print a merged version of the Laws and ORLAC when available (which should be soon).

With this in mind the National Technical Panel of the AC Referees Committee have prepared training materials (in Powerpoint form) on the changed laws, and a simple exam to reaccredit referees in the new Laws.

It is planned that either the National Coordinator of Refereeing AC (Mike Cohn) or the Australian representative on the WCF AC Laws Committee (Liz Fleming) will meet in turn with each State Directors/Coordinator Referees with a number of Examining Referees to proceed with initial training later in March.  This will then allow State Directors/Coordinators to proceed to training of referees and players within their state over the following three months.

Message from the WCF

Hello everyone,

The WCF is pleased to announce that we have given our website a refresh.

The URL for the home page has not changed, it is still  However, due to differences in how the new site works, the menu structure for some other pages has changed. Therefore, if you have saved any pages or set any links up, you may need to re-do these. Your current links will default to our new Home Page.

We hope you like the new site. All the old content should still be there, plus there are a few new items:

  • Translate capability: click on the translate box at the top right of the screen. Translations are powered by Google and will not be perfect, but hopefully the text should be understandable in your chosen language. We hope this will be easier for any of you whose first language is not English.

There are also lots of photos. We would like more please, particularly for the Championship Archive page. If you have any decent photos from past WCF events, please send them to me so that I can add them to the site.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for content, or if you spot any errors (hopefully not!). Any questions, please get in touch.

Thank you,

Debbie Lines

WCF Deputy Secretary-General