2022 ACA President’s AC Eights 7th -10th October, Cairnlea Melbourne Victoria.

The ACA Selectors call for Expressions of Interest ( EoI ) by all interested Association Croquet players who would like to play in this prestigious event.

Entries: EOI can be sent to ACA Events Peter Freer with a closing date of 31 Aug 2022.  Depending on entry numbers late entries may be accepted to fill the four Eights but better to be safe and enter early.

Format: The event will be four open Eights of 8 players in each event, consideration will be given to making the 4th Eight a Women’s event if the EOI’s received make this a better format for all the players entering.  Each Eight will be filled based on players grade on 31 Aug 2022, but there is also a provision in each of the 4 events that up to 2 wildcards may be chosen outside of the players current grade Consideration will be given to making the 1st Eight a single round of Bo3 play , this consideration will be made after the EOIs have been completed.

Eligibility: All players in Australia can EoI, with a requirement to have played a minimum 20 games in the preceding 12 months up to 31 August 2022.   Players who have not played 20 games are still welcome to EoI and be considered for a wildcard (the selectors will take in consideration the different difficulties players have faced with Covid-19 over the last few years).

Entry Fee: Further detail will be announced as to the fee structure for this event .

Croquetscores: EoI’s will be placed on croquetscores as received.  Please check  to make your name is on the list of entrants, as confirmation that your EoI has been received.  Contact Peter Freer if your name does not appear, asap.

Peter Landrebe for ACA Selectors

2022 GC Men’s & Women’s Singles Event Flyer

The flyer for the 2022 GC Men’s & Women’s Singles is now available. Please click on the link below.


2023 Women’s Association Croquet World Championship

The 2023 Women’s Association Croquet World Championship will be held between 7 – 14 January 2023 at several clubs in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, head-quartered at the United Croquet Club.  The field will be limited to 40 players. For more information see:

The ACA Association Croquet Selection Committee invites Australian players who wish to be considered for:

  1. Ranking Places (based on your MaxDgrade for the 24 months to 28 July 2022, provided you have played at least 5 ranking games in that period); and/or
  2. one of the two Member Places allocated to Australia (these are also based on MaxDgrade, but are subject to the AC Selectors discretion); and/or
  3. Wild Card nomination – possible, but usually few issued.  Please indicate why WCF should give you a Wild Card:

WCF Sports Regulations – Appendix 3
2. Wild Card Places
2.1 Up to two Wild Card Places may be awarded by the MC taking into account any one or more of the following as it thinks fit, namely:
2.1.1 the encouragement of young players or players showing exceptional promise of future development;
2.1.2 the encouragement of players from developing Members and non-Members; and
2.1.3 the distribution of places between Countries.

to notify ACA Events (by email to ) by 10 July 2022.

There will be a Qualifier Event in Wellington, New Zealand (venue tbc) between 3 – 5 January 2023.  Entries for the Qualifying Tournament are due by 3 Nov 2022, and will be ranked as at that date.  There is no minimum number of games within 12 months limit for the Qualifier.

The final go/no-go decision on whether the tournament will be held will be announced on 11 August 2022; players should not make non-refundable travel arrangements before then.

Bob Berry Appointed to the Board

The Board is pleased to announce that it has appointed Bob Berry of Chatswood (NSW) Croquet Club to the ACA Board, filling a vacancy that was left unfilled at the AGM. The appointment is until the next AGM, when Bob will be eligible to stand for re-appointment.

2022 MacRobertson Shield

The Board is pleased to announce the Australian team to contest the MacRobertson Shield, due to be held at the Victorian Croquet Centre in November 2022, against teams from England, New Zealand and the United States. The team is, in alphabetical order: Ian Dumergue (Captain), Malcolm Fletcher, Robert Fletcher, Stephen Forster, Dwayne McCormick and Edward Wilson. Alison Sharpe is first reserve, with Jim Nicholls and Callum Hyland named as alternate reserves.

Introduction of GC Rules 6th Edition

The 6th Edition of the GC Rules was approved by the WCF on 7th March 2022 and will come into effect in Australia on 1st July 2022. Rules books are currently being printed and will be distributed to State Associations as soon as they are received from the printer.

Adoption of National Integrity Framework

Croquet Australia is pleased to announce its partnership with Sport Integrity Australia and the adoption of the National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies. 

This is an important step in protecting our sport from integrity threats and providing all our participants with a safe and inclusive environment whilst enabling complaints to be handled consistently and independently by Sport Integrity Australia.

We want everyone in our sport to feel safe to speak up about concerns in our sport which is why this is such an important step for our sport. From 31st March 2022 Sport Integrity Australia will take over the management of all complaints in relation to integrity matters for our sport. That includes, abuse, bullying and harassment.

Croquet Australia’s National Integrity Framework comes into effect on 31st March 2022 The framework consists of six integrity-related policies, including:

  • National Integrity Framework 
  • Member Protection Policy
  • Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
  • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

It is important that all members and participants of croquet and Gateball understand their obligations under this Framework and in particular, familiarise themselves with conduct which is prohibited within each policy. For more information about the Framework and associated policies visit our Integrity webpage 

Breaches and complaints related to these policies will be handled independently by Sport Integrity Australia.

2022 AGM

Due to rescheduling of the Eire Cup, the Australian Croquet Association AGM will now be held at the Concordia Club, 1 Richardsons Crescent, Marrickville 2044 on Saturday, 19th March 2022, commencing at 09:00 AEDT and will be followed by a Discussion Forum and Board meeting.

The AGM agenda and supporting papers were distributed to the voting members on 14th February 2022. Discussion Forum agenda and papers will be distributed to voting members no later than 6th March 2022.

Letters of Support

Clubs and others submitting grant applications can apply to the Croquet Australia Secretary for a letter of support by completing the request form here

Amir Ramsis Naguib inducted into WCF Hall of Fame

Amir has been a driving force in the development of Golf Croquet, both for Egypt and globally. He was President of the WCF for eight years, retiring in 2019 and continues to serve on the Management Committee. The importance of the work he has done over several decades, maintaining and developing Egyptian croquet and supporting croquet worldwide cannot be overstated. He is one of the most influential national and global administrators in the history of croquet.

Stephen Mulliner retires as WCF Secretary-General

Stephen Mulliner (Eng) stepped down as the Secretary-General of the World Croquet Federation on 31st August 2021, after 8 years at the helm. Stephen is replaced by Debbie Lines (Eng), who has been Deputy Secretary-General for the past twelve months.

Privacy Policy

A revised Privacy Policy, Version 2 of August 2021, is available from the Documents page

WCF Refereeing Regulations v1.5 Released

The WCF has announced (9th March 2021) that v1.5 of the Refereeing Regulations has been approved by the WCF AC Laws Committee, the WCF GC Rules Committee and by WCF Members.

A new version was required following the recent approval of the 7th Edition of the Laws of Association Croquet. The opportunity has also been taken to improve the internal organisation and to clarify some aspects of GC refereeing.

A Changes Log is provided at the end of the document. 

Note that Croquet Australia no longer produces its own regulations but conforms to the WCF Refereeing Regulations.

Introduction of AC Laws, 7th Edition

The WCF Council approved the 7th Edition of the Association Croquet Laws on 24th February 2021.  It has been decided that the new Laws will apply in Australia from 1st July 2021.

Law books in A5 and A6 format are at the printers.  A new version of the Official Rulings on the Laws of Association Croquet (ORLAC) is near finalisation.  ACA intends to print a merged version of the Laws and ORLAC when available (which should be soon).

With this in mind the National Technical Panel of the AC Referees Committee have prepared training materials (in Powerpoint form) on the changed laws, and a simple exam to reaccredit referees in the new Laws.

It is planned that either the National Coordinator of Refereeing AC (Mike Cohn) or the Australian representative on the WCF AC Laws Committee (Liz Fleming) will meet in turn with each State Directors/Coordinator Referees with a number of Examining Referees to proceed with initial training later in March.  This will then allow State Directors/Coordinators to proceed to training of referees and players within their state over the following three months.

Message from the WCF

Hello everyone,

The WCF is pleased to announce that we have given our website a refresh.

The URL for the home page has not changed, it is still  However, due to differences in how the new site works, the menu structure for some other pages has changed. Therefore, if you have saved any pages or set any links up, you may need to re-do these. Your current links will default to our new Home Page.

We hope you like the new site. All the old content should still be there, plus there are a few new items:

  • Translate capability: click on the translate box at the top right of the screen. Translations are powered by Google and will not be perfect, but hopefully the text should be understandable in your chosen language. We hope this will be easier for any of you whose first language is not English.

There are also lots of photos. We would like more please, particularly for the Championship Archive page. If you have any decent photos from past WCF events, please send them to me so that I can add them to the site.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for content, or if you spot any errors (hopefully not!). Any questions, please get in touch.

Thank you,

Debbie Lines

WCF Deputy Secretary-General