Ricochet was developed in the 1980s as an easy to learn version which can easily be used as a step up to Association Croquet. It was originally developed in Adelaide, Australia by John Riches and Tom Armstrong. Ricochet has similar rules to Association Croquet with the difference being that when a ball is ricochet it remains live and two free shots are earned. This enables the strikers ball to play closer to an opponents ball and ricochet that as well which earns a further two free shots. In addition to these rules when a player runs a hoop they earn one free shot.

For more information on how to play Ricochet please click on the YouTube link HERE


For information on Ricochet Coaching please contact the Croquet Australia National Ricochet Coordinator Ray Chapman or 0439 240 251

National Coaching Director    
Queensland Director of Coaching Lynda Davis 0416 013 390
New South Wales Director of Coaching Pam Gentle 0423 411 289
Victorian Coordinator of Coaching Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt 0409 362 947
Tasmania Director of Coaching Sue Beattie 03 6229 5702
South Australia Coordinator of Coaching    
Western Australia Director of Coaching Sandra Stevenson  


Croquet Australia Ricochet Rules – 2nd Edition 2023


For more information on the game of Ricochet please go to the Plymouth Croquet Club.