The 2023 Women’s Association Croquet World Championship will be held between 7 – 14 January 2023 at several clubs in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, head-quartered at the United Croquet Club.  The field will be limited to 40 players. For more information see:

The ACA Association Croquet Selection Committee invites Australian players who wish to be considered for:

  1. Ranking Places (based on your MaxDgrade for the 24 months to 28 July 2022, provided you have played at least 5 ranking games in that period); and/or
  2. one of the two Member Places allocated to Australia (these are also based on MaxDgrade, but are subject to the AC Selectors discretion); and/or
  3. a Wild Card nomination – possible, but usually few issued.  Please indicate why WCF should give you a Wild Card:

WCF Sports Regulations – Appendix 3
2. Wild Card Places
2.1 Up to two Wild Card Places may be awarded by the MC taking into account any one or more of the following as it thinks fit, namely:
2.1.1 the encouragement of young players or players showing exceptional promise of future development;
2.1.2 the encouragement of players from developing Members and non-Members; and
2.1.3 the distribution of places between Countries.

to notify ACA Events (by email to ) by 10 July 2022.

There will be a Qualifier Event in Wellington, New Zealand (venue tbc) between 3 – 5 January 2023.  Entries for the Qualifying Tournament are due by 3 Nov 2022, and will be ranked as at that date.  There is no minimum number of games within 12 months limit for the Qualifier.

The final go/no-go decision on whether the tournament will be held will be announced on 11 August 2022; players should not make non-refundable travel arrangements before then.