Association Croquet (AC) is the traditional form of the popular garden game.  It is best described as a “race” in which the players attempt to be the first to complete the course of hoops and the peg with both balls of their side.  Progress is made by striking a ball with a mallet and propelling the balls through hoops in a specified order.  AC is based on the concept of a “break” – as in snooker, billiards and pool – in which the right may be earned to play a succession of extra strokes.  It is possible to play a break of up to 91 strokes in which the striker’s ball will have been made to pass through twelve hoops and then strike the centre peg.


Queensland Director of Coaching Willy Silk  
New South Wales Director of Coaching Andrew Bissex 0416 111 333
Victorian Coordinator of Coaching Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt 0409 362 947
Tasmania Director of Coaching Ian Bassett 0428 575 269
South Australia Coordinator of Coaching Murray Baum 0413 488 053
Western Australia Director of Coaching Helen Quicke  


National Director of Refereeing Mike Cohn 0412 294 150
Queensland Director of Refereeing Greg Whymark 0418 158 701
New South Wales Director of Refereeing John Cook 0427b668 767
Victoria Coordinator of Refereeing Brian Foley 03.9584 8405, 0407 508 186
Tasmania Director of Refereeing Lizzie Bassett 0409 799 462
South Australia Coordinator of Refereeing James Temlett 08.8272 0973
Western Australia Director of Refereeing Vacant  


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