The 2023 AC President 8’s was held in Cairnlea at the Victorian Croquet Centre, and showcased incredible talent, culminating in the recognition of outstanding individual winners in three blocks. The event, made possible by the unwavering support of management, referees, and dedicated volunteers, witnessed a display of exceptional play on difficult lawns.


Block A Winner – Robert Fletcher

In Block A, current World Number 1 player Robert Fletcher dominated the field with remarkable skill, discipline, and perseverance throughout the competition to win all games. Robert also completed the most triple peels of any individual over the weekend with 9 Triple Peels.
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Block A Winner – Trevor Bassett

Trevor Bassett defended his title for the Tom Howatt Cup with a dominant performance winning 11 of his 12 games, including 2 Triple Peels.
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Block C Winner – Lois Kirk

In the competitive realm of Block C, Lois Kirk shone brightly as the winner with 9 wins from 10 games.

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